The Fleming

This boutique hotel’s design, to a great extent, drew inspiration from the Star Ferry, a green and white vessel which traversed Victoria Harbor for over a century. The ship is embodied throughout the entirety of the hotel—from its rooms that invoke images of the ship’s cabins to the very room numbers themselves which are portrayed on vintage style ship lights. The lifts’ mirrors, just like those in the bathrooms, mimic portholes. The lobby’s adjustable stools, with their blue and white striped backrests, are like those featured in the ferry. The Fleming has however never lost sight of the Hong Kong spirit that is imbued within and most observable in the hotel’s reception, its scarlet walls lined with letterboxes, and in the bright red upholstery in the corridors and lifts.

Location: Hong Kong
Designer: The work of substance
Type: Interior design, Full CGI
Year: 2019