ArchVIZ Studio

Interior Design

Customizable space management solutions to best suit your needs

Product modelling

Product modeling for digital renderings


Photorealistic images to depict projects still under construction

Product Catalogues

Optimal versatility in composition to distinguish featured products and best market them for commercial environments


Combining virtual and photographic elements to create unique images


Through photography we can accurately and reliably capture the dimensions, shapes, and hues of any product




Forest House

The Fleming

Abous us

Lightbox Studio is a creative studio located in Igualada, near Barcelona, where it is steeped in a rich architectural and industrial heritage; one that lets us gaze at the past, present, and future’s ties that link art, trade and industry.

Photography, cinema and art are our true passion. We relish in being able to create touching experiences for people.

In creating, designing, and shaping images we are able to achieve realistic spaces taking special care to capture everything down to the very last detail. 

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